Senior Man Sitting In Chair And Talking With Nurse In Retirement Home

Where Now?

Future Plans

If Attleborough and all the local villages are to get the full range of Health and Care facilities we deserve, we must continue to lobby for proper resources in skills and buildings that will mean access to all these services for all, and by all.

Discussion with a representative of Norfolk County Council Transport revealed that it might be possible to extend the Attleborough route along Station Road as far as the Surgery.  This would be very helpful to those without transport to access the Surgery.  The new and underused Station carpark would be an ideal transport hub.  ATTCARE will try to follow this up.

We need your help and support to achieve the healthcare that our town deserves – those of you who overwhelmingly endorsed the Neighbourhood Plan and anyone who may have recently moved into the town.

Attcare Housing site 4
Attcare Housing site 4
Attcare Housing site 6