About Attcare

Attcare is a charity managed by five trustees who are namely:

  • Elizabeth Burrows MBE  – Chair
  • George Ridgway
  • Emma Jackson
  • Alison Frank
  • Mary Ridgway

The trustees are ably supported by six local volunteers.

As a charity, we are proud to boast a dedicated and passionate team comprising Trustees, who currently number five, along with an enthusiastic and committed group of volunteers hailing from our vibrant local community. At the heart of our mission, we serve as facilitators and influencers, harnessing the power of collaboration and cooperation to effect positive change in the realm of healthcare within Attleborough.

Attcare Joins Forces

Working together, we join forces with both local and national bodies, including Attleborough Town Council and its Councillors, Breckland Council and their councillors, and of course our local Member of Parliament and his adept team. United in our common goal, as stated previously, we collectively strive to advance and promote the cause of healthcare, to enhance the well-being of Attleborough residents.

Through steadfast teamwork and unwavering commitment, we forge a powerful network of stakeholders, each lending their expertise and influence to augment the scope and impact of our healthcare initiatives. Our relationship with local authorities and esteemed individuals empowers us to navigate the intricate landscape of policymaking and resource allocation, ensuring that the needs and aspirations of our community are firmly championed wherever and whenever possible.

We are extremely grateful to the following from whom we have received grants:

  • Attleborough Town Lands Charity
  • Geoffrey Watling Trust
  • Old Buckenham Parish Council
  • Great Ellingham Parish Council
  • Rockland Parish Council
  • New Buckenham Parish Council
  • Norfolk Community Fund
  • Eastern Attachments Ltd
  • Tony Perkins, Butchers
  • Stan Groom