Doctor Or GP In White Coat Meeting Mother And Son For Appointment In Office

What We Have Done

From the start, ATTCARE, a registered charity, has been able to speak with all manner of parties needed to deliver the strategy as it remains independent and beyond vested interests.

a.   PRIMARY CARE -The local GP practice, as a key provider of primary care, has been a practical partner and source of information and ATTCARE has been involved in their thinking and planning. We cannot affect the medical and investment decisions of the practice, but we have been able to assist the design of appropriate surgery and primary care provision that will be a key part of the enlarged town.  Recent proposals to extend the provision at Station Road Surgery within plans for a wholesale re-design in the next few years have progressed. The Practice announced on 1st September 2023 the first stage by saying: 

“We are delighted to confirm that planning approval has been granted by Breckland District Council for the installation of 2 temporary mobiles on the Station Road site, including 6 additional clinical rooms and additional administration space. This will help support the Practice with service expansion as housing development takes place in the town and our registered list size grows.     Planned dates for the opening of this space continues to be late Autumn 2023. There will be work required on site and to our main building as part of this expansion and some disruption to our services is anticipated, but we will keep patients informed of any changes as the installation plans progress.”

The first two units were installed in mid-October 2023.

b.   LATER LIFE LIVING – We have also been pleased to be involved in attracting an important investment plan for a comprehensive dual registered care and supported village facility on a large brown field industrial site within the town.

Castlemeadow Care have a team of designers and architects working on detailed applications for phase 1 of this exciting plan. It is well advanced and much of the concept has been referenced by the Attleborough Health Research Report [see below]  The second phase of this important facility is also now in consideration and ATTCARE is pleased to have helped in linking the other development agencies planned for the adjacent sites within the Southern Urban Extension [SUE] into these plans.

c.   MATERNITY, MIDWIFE & OTHER SERVICES LOCALLY – We have led other studies into maternity / midwife provision as well as palliative care services within the local area.

d.   NHS & INTEGRATED CARE BOARD  – We have maintained strong links with other government departments and particularly with the Norfolk & Waveney Commissioning Group during its changes to eventually become the Integrated Care Board. Regular meetings with these NHS operational bodies continue with mutual benefit.

e.   SPECIFIC UP TO DATE RESEARCH – A key element of this work is understanding the real current health and care provision, the ongoing trends and needs and using the knowledge to future-proof the comprehensive design.  Such specific information did not exist in a collated form.  We commissioned a research project from Health Economics Consultancy at the University of East Anglia.  This very important research has been a leader in its style and information.   It will lead the thinking on what is needed and how the changing demographic will need to be served in the Attleborough Area as the town and villages change and physical and mental needs alter.

f.     TOWN COUNCIL AND NEIGHBOURHOOD PLAN – As a key part of the Attleborough Neighbourhood Plan, the published Attleborough Health Research Report was given to the town in September 2022 and contains links to inter-active data that can be adjusted as numbers and information changes. You can obtain a hard copy of the report from Attleborough Town Hall or by contacting ATTCARE on

g.   BRINGING TOGETHER KEY PLAYERS – From the start of 2023, we have been able, with the very key input of the constituency MP, to create a forum of all the parties, public and private, involved in the delivery of the new developments. Working parties within this forum are working together. A further extended forum was updated in September and will convene again in January 2024 to report progress and continue the important cross agency links.

h.   YOUR INPUT – The support we have received in co-operation and financial aid has been very encouraging. However, there is a lot still to do and we need the support of the community, current or to come.  We are seeking additional Trustees from the surrounding villages that rely on Attleborough for their medical and care services. We would also welcome representation on the board of Trustees or as volunteer from the Health and Care sector.